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1. No profanity.
2. CryptoTradingHeroes has a zero tolerance for racism, discrimination of any kind, hate speech, bullying or threats of violence against members.
3. Sharing personal information is not allowed. 
4. Do not share plagiarised (stolen) content from different communities. If allowed to do so, always share credits to the original owner.
5. No NSFW or obscene content. This includes text, images, or links featuring nudity, sex, hard violence, or other graphically disturbing content.
6. No spam or self-promotion (website/server invites, advertisements, etc) without permission from a staff member.
7. Try to keep messages in their appropriate forum sections.
8. No extremist ideologies, politics or conspiracy theories.
9.  Negatively portraying other trading group is not allowed.
10. Focus on helping one another and not bringing each other down.
11. Do not spread fear or FUD in the community.
12. For your security and privacy; when posting money shots / P&L, do not 
post the monetary details.
13. Never send money (or cryptocurrency) to anybody impersonating any staff member or any other popular crypto influencer. 

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