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[Leading indicator] Super OrderBlock Indicator.

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To add the indicator in TradingView press the Indicators button as follows:


Type in the search bar "super orderblock" and only one indicator will come up.


Add that same indicator to your chart by clicking once on it.

This is how the chart will start looking like:


The green/red boxes which state "OB" (order blocks) are treated as points at which the price will re-visit and bounce from. They were created right before a bounce or a rejection before.

"FVG" (fair value gaps) are places where the price went trough very quickly and is treated as inefficiency in the markets, it has to be filled at some point (sooner or later).


These "boxes" will extend into the future and show you where to expect a bounce or a reversal.


Here is an additional video which you can watch about the indicator: 


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